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Strategy First Design Thinking

Don't let your website become a relic of the past. Evolve with the changing world by staying modern, being strategic and designing for your customer first.

welcome to modern web design

Maybe a year ago you could have survived with a mediocre website, but it’s a whole new world out there. Between the ever growing number of virtual businesses and googles ever changing algorithm, it sometimes feels like your whispering in the middle of a concert and wondering why no one can hear you.  

That’s why the newest trend in online business is data analytics! Data is the new “gold” and if you aren’t collecting, analyzing and implementing based on that data, you will quickly become obsolete. 

“Without data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer onto the highway.”

Geoffrey Moore

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Data = Gold

First things first you need the right tactics, tools and industry professionals to know the right KPIs to track, survey questions to ask and user data to collect. All of this wonderful data gives you a much clearer picture of your customer, and analyzing that data correctly allows you to stop relying on your “gut” alone.


Don't be a deer in the headlights!

There’s a lot of data you can collect and if you have no idea what to do with it, it can be very overwhelming. That’s why you need professionally trained data analysts to sift through this invaluable data to help formulate the plan for your website, business and your customer!

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Using the data

This is where we use all of that beautiful data we’ve  collected and analyzed to create something truly special. We take your customer demographic and begin building personas and customer avatars. This then cascades into customer journey maps and finally into wire-framing for you new SMART website. We take your customers on a data centered journey through the various steps of awareness, so that they may effortlessly push the buy button on all of your products.

its time to level up

Data Based Strategy

Get a Lead Generating Machine

With Research Based Strategies​

and a fresh + beautiful design

It’s time to make the right choice for your next website project, choose a team who goes above and beyond designing a “pretty” website and creates a data-drive tool of conversion. 

 Choose Beautiful Things for your website and take your business to the next level.

meet the data geek herself

Hi, I'm Lena

Strategist | Designer | Developer

Founder of Beautiful Things and a conversion design specialist. I get you the right leads so you can convert them into more sales!

I’ve made it my mission to help other entrepreneurs authentically reach their future clients through websites that are both beautiful and strategic. If you don’t have a strategy in place, you are wasting your time, money and mental health with a website that will never truly perform.

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I've helped countless entrepreneurs

Expand their reach by creating data based strategies that don't let customers fall through the cracks!

and I can help you too!

There is a gap in the website design industry. Most web designers give you a pretty site, but lack the knowledge to create something more. I give you a data driven machine that is tested, optimized and truly an embodiment of your business. It attracts and converts your ideal customer by simply existing.

Because when you design for conversion from real data, you are guiding your potential customer on the path to help them become their most empowered selves. We create plan for every step of your customer journey through the fundamentals of data implementation and conversion marketing tactics. We create something truly revolutionary in the design industry, we give you the #1 tool you need in your business. 

Some of Our Clients

Get a Smarter Website

Your website will be the most comprehensive marketing tool in your arsenal with a strategy in place that draws your ideal customer right to your doorstep! Set-it up right the first time and stop throwing money into a site that isn’t serving your business.


We would love to work with you in our full Smart Website Design capacity but we understand not everyone can afford our full VIP service package. That’s why we offer our all inclusive package as well as our stand alone strategy development service. Please indicate which service you are interested in when filling out our contact form.

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Full vip service

Custom Website Design

Get the whole package with the team at Beautiful Things! We collect and analyze the data, present our findings and build you a website that is tested and guaranteed to perform! Get a smarter, more beautiful website with our full service package.

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Website Strategy and Design with Lena Forrey

Use your own design team

Strategy Development Only

Beautiful Things website design is known for their data analysis, UX optimization, testing and implementation! This is perfect for a business who already has a designer on payroll but is looking to take their site to the next level with a data driven website strategy! 

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Marketing Funnels done the right way

Funnel Optimization

Ready to launch your next big product and fill your bank account whenever you want? That’s the beauty of making it evergreen and we can help with that. With our system we optimize your pages while you launch to get real data, real user journeys and catch where people are bouncing immediately instead of just “hoping and praying” for success. 

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For Other Website Professionals


Do you want to know everything there is to know about website strategy and development? I offer mentoring sessions to get you on the road to the next step in your web design evolution! 

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