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It’s time to throw your feet up, close your laptop, and stop trying to DIY yourself a high-performance website. I’m here to do all of the tech-heavy lifting, so your website stops being a boulder in your way and starts being a stepping stone to massive success.

Have you been making these excuses?


You're Too

At least that’s what you keep telling yourself. Busy with work, busy with family, busy being busy, too busy to worry about your website. But you know you have to take the time or you’ll be stuck in this exhausting rinse, wash repeat cycle of your business forever

Take a deep breath and finally exhale, while you leave the geeky parts to me. I’ll do all of the market research, sift through the data, and walk you through perfect strategy. You’ll be relieved by the endless stream of dream customers you attract with your beautiful but strategy driven website.


It's too expensive

You keep moving your website to the last thing on your to-do list, wondering if it’s even worth it because you’ve gotten this far without it. 

But you want to take the next big leap in your business, and you know it will take a fantastic website and brand strategy to get you there. 

Every day you choose to not make the investment is another day you miss out on landing your perfect customer or building an epic list. 

You need a website that embodies your vision, transforms your business, and lands you those dream customers (so you can finally fire those PITA ones!)


The tech is over-whelming

Websites can be complicated and the last thing you want to do is add another thing to your to-do list or find yourself having to hire someone to make simple updates.

Good thing my sites come with a portal packed full of video walkthroughs, detailed instructions, recommended resources and troubleshooting strategies. Stop wasting your time. trying to earn your google masters degree in marketing and tech gibberish and let me build a system that works for you.

Stop Making excuses and hire an expert!


I'm the

who will transform your website

I walk you through your brand identity, build your website strategy around attracting your ideal client (backed by surveys, market research and analytics) and finally design a site that is easy to maintain and showcases your expertise.

Hi, I’m Lena, a website strategist and brand expert. I blend brand strategy, UX, marketing and design. Plus I give it to you in a user friendly package that won’t leave you exhausted reaching for that wine glass at the end of the night. 

Performance-Based design

Work With Me

Why are you wasting your money on a website that is just another pit you toss your money into with no return? Let’s get you a website that turns your investment into straight up profit. 


For the newbie

Ideal for business owners without a website or those who DIYed their site and it isn’t performing. We start from the ground up by creating a brand, website marketing strategy and beautiful site, custom for your new business.  


For the Rising star

Your first site (or first few sites) were all beautiful but you’ve moved past “just another beautiful site” and are ready to capitalize on every single inch of virtual space. The strategy is developed around guiding your customers to the final sale.


On a Budget

Not everyone is ready to shell out thousands of dollars for the perfect brand and website so we start by conquering the tech set-up first with our templated sites so you can “figure it out” as you grow. 

What Our Beautiful & Happy
Clients Say About Us

Lena is a creative genius! She carefully and expertly guided us through each stage of our website design project, and was totally open to feedback along the way. The initial stage was entirely dedicated to market research and development, which I'd never experienced with another website designer. She does this to ensure her clients' websites are speaking to their exact target audience. Every step of working with Lena was amazing, and I got the most beautiful website. In fact our sales conversions have tripled. I can't recommend working with Lena highly enough!

Nicole Jardim, Certified Women's Health Coach

Lena. I wanted to let you know, I put my website link in the Membervault group yesterday. It blew up! Everyone was like, oh my gosh, who designed this page? I've worked with several different web designers and developers over the years and NO ONE can match your gorgeous level of excellence and I'm always impressed by your knowledge of conversion tactics and strategies.
Thank you!

Jamie Russell

For years, I've been so embarrassed with what we had and frustrated with our lack of conversions. Finding you was a miracle, you are a brilliant marketer. From the first moment, you gently guided us through each step of telling our story and presenting our programs to the world. Not only is our conversion rate way up, but we are now so proud to share our website with women and potential sponsors. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Katana Abbott