challenge the stereotypes

And prove the critics wrong

Meet Lena Forrey

A friend of mine once told me “you can’t guide a class 5 rapid.” If you don’t know anything about white water rafting then this is like telling someone they weren’t capable of climbing Mt. Everest. 

I remember the fire that was lit in me by the words “you can’t”. But I didn’t explode, I channeled that anger into determination, and guess what? I rocked that rapid, (even if it took me a few flips to get there).

The point is,

we can be discouraged by those people who flow through our lives with their negative nancy attitudes, or we can channel it into the drive that takes us to the next level.

That’s where Beautiful Things was born. I ran away from management in the fitness industry, and away from the boss who made me feel small because I was driven. I wanted to be better than those people who tried to keep me down, who tried to keep my ideas small and who told me “you can’t”. 

“You can’t” transformed to “watch me”.

That’s what I bring to transforming your website and your business. It’s time to finally conquer those excuses, to stop feeling and thinking small, and to use that fire in the pit of your stomach as momentum to conquer the next level. 

But you didn’t get to where you are by simply deciding you were a successful entrepreneur. You had to do the work. And your website won’t be successful by just existing. You need someone who will put the blood, sweat, and tears into building a website that is the rocket fuel for your business. 

That’s my job.

I’ve always been a designer but that became a bigger idea with website design. I wanted my business to do more than just make something pretty. I wanted to provide substance, a recipe for success and that’s what brought me to marketing, UX and brand strategy. 

Because your website isn’t just your online business card it’s the doorway to limitless possibilities. But that only happens if you start with the research, the data, and the strategy. When you start with the plan of attack, then the site will design itself around your customers and your vision. 

It will embody your brand, build your list and rocket your business to the next level. 

I am the engineer for your rocket fuel, a front-end developer, UX certified designer, and marketing pro. I bring the whole package to you because you aren’t just building a website, you’re giving a face to your vision and your brand.