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to attract your tribe

Your website should mirror your vibrant energy. 

Channel your vibe into a visual tool for your coaching business with this easy to use 3 step guide.

Download The Website Workbook and use your gifts as a gateway for client transformation.

Your Website Toolkit


Your unique coaching style helps your clients experience transformation in their lives. That’s why creating a website that embodies your coaching vibe is so important!

Do you struggle with…
Do you struggle with…

Finding Enough Time?

This workbook can be effortlessly completed in a night or sectioned into small chunks to complete daily, but either way, find the time. Successful people prioritize their time.

Becoming Overwhelmed?

Success begins today. This workbook will help you clarify your message and outline your vision into digital form. Putting your vision into words has never been easier! 

Getting Enough Clients?

The Website Workbook will help you effortlessly build your client roster and create life and financial abundance. How much money are you losing by NOT starting this today?

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A Powerful Approach To Your Website

You are a transformation leader. You need a website to match your caliber of expertise. Create an empowerment tool for your current and future clients using the Website Workbook. You will learn to effortlessly….

Clarify Your Why

Successful companies start with their why, before describing the how and what. Use the guide inside and get clear on your why on page 2 of the workbook.

Visualize Your Tribe

On page 5, answer KEY questions that will help you define your audience and get clear on your who you want to attract.

Tell Their Story

Paint a visual picture of how you are the catalyst in their transformation. Show them why you are the coach to guide them.

The Essential Tool For Your Website

The Workbook

Your vibe, passion and drive will successfully enhance your clients lives. Let your website create connection to the clients who resonate with your style.

Turn your website into …

    I design websites for


    hi, I'm Lena!

    I create websites that help thought leaders make BIG money and BIG impact on their clients.

    And BIG impact is needed. The stats are out there: rising anxiety and mental health issues, families struggling to survive in a disappearing middle class and rising numbers of people who feel utterly purposeless.

    The world needs thought leaders, like yourself to envision and guide individuals into a healthier, happier and more prosperous future. You are the key to making the shift the world needs.
    But messaging is getting lost in the noise of the internet. More and more people are getting desensitized by the overwhelming market of false help.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    We have the opportunity to change that – to reach the people who need us and to transform the world, one person at a time.I have created this toolkit to aid those who want to lead transformation. To create a fingerprint for change. (GREAT LINE! I’m totally stealing that!)

    You’ll be guided through the steps of success and help you create an authentic website that personifies your vibrant energy and zest for transformation. Are you ready?

    Lena Forrey

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    let's change the world together

    Your success is limitless with the right tools at your fingertips. 

    Download The Website Workbook and start creating abundance in your life and countless others.