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Missy Beavers is a nutritionist and a health food store owner. Her specialty is thyroid health and has developed a protocol based on her own experience and the results seen in 1000’s of clients. She’s driven by seeing her clients regain abundant health by reversing leaky gut, losing weight, improving digestion, ditching allergies, reducing stressors, and discovering how they can feel amazing Every. Single. Day!

The Basics Of The Project


Missy was an absolute pleasure. The Story Engine created a marketing funnel for her new protocol through a webinar, email follow-up sequence, and finally a long-form sales page. Holly provided the perfect copy that mimicked Missy’s amazing spirit and she crushed her webinar with the help of Kyle Gray (the CEO of The Story Engine and Speaking coach) which landed her a plethora of new clients for her program! The design was done with click funnels, utilization of Missy’s very feminine and beautiful branding. The pinks were so easy to match with some great imagery that really let the colors pop!




"I am so HAPPY with the landing page. It is excellent and I am so pleased with how everything is turning out!!"

Missy Beavers

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