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Customer trust is built the moment someone lands on your website and their ability to like you is based solely on the ease of use of your site and the vibe you are putting out there with it. Think about all the students you could be missing out on because of poor navigation or a confused vibe?

Student Friendly Design

Design With Soul

When we design your new site we keep your student in mind but we infuse your personal vibe directly into your site so it feels like a mirror of what your teaching represents.

Authentic Marketing Strategies

Attract Your Tribe

A student’s journey from curiosity to student needs to be nurtured to ensure they receive everything you have to offer. The idea yoga students journey would be to take them from curiosity to finding you online or getting a referral that makes them land on your website where you offer some kind of incentive or freebie in exchange for their email. Then you use email marketing to guide them into showing up to a class… and the rest is history. You will have them hooked before they even walk through the door because your online presence will be a true representation of you! Check out the graphic to see the natural progression from curiosity to yoga leader! Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone was as passionate about yoga as you are?

You can attract your

Soul Tribe

When you start thinking about your ideal yoga student, what comes to mind? What kind of people do you attract? What kind of people would you prefer not to attract? Identifying this key custom avatar or ideal customer is essential to your business because it aligns all of your marketing, design, and written content to the people you want to attract.

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