The Next Level Package

High Performance

Web Design

Your middle name is “funnel” and you’re ready to finally have a website that builds your list to epic new heights, so you can get that six-figure income, like yesterday. Well let me help you on that journey. 

You're an ambitious, inspiring woman with big dreams
and huge determination

But lately you've been

Putting Band-Aids on Bullet Wounds

Every time you fix one issue, something else explodes leaving you stuck adding yet another Band-Aid to your website problems. But those bandages aren’t going to hold much longer and they are leaking money at every turn from slow loading speeds to excess late nights googling “How to fix XYZ annoying tech issue”. 

Dreaming Of The Next Evolution

Your website is meeting the bare minimum when you are ready to prove to the world that you have what it takes to reach even higher. Your site isn’t doing you any favors and half the time you’d like to pretend like it doesn’t even exist, because … it was the person you were 5 years ago… 10 years ago and the person you are today is completely different. 

Trying To Decipher Google Analytics

The hours in your day just keep multiplying and you’re stuck trying to put bandaids on problems because “who has the time?”. But those bandages aren’t going to hold much longer and they are leaking money at every turn. 

All Packages Include


Brand Identity

Audience Research

SEO Audit

market research


SEO REcommendations

Freebie design

Customer Journey Map

website content strategy

Funnel Map

Design + Development

Conversion copywriting Templates

Custom web design

Custom Backend Experience

Testing + Optimization

a/B Homepage testing

Click tracking + heat mapping Optimization

Training + Maintenance

Training + Website Manual

1 Month free maintenance

The Next level

Websites start at $5K
$ 5,500
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Design + Development
  • Optimization
  • Testing
  • Training + Maintenance

Other Options

Starter Site

Websites start at $3K
  • Great For New Businesses

DIY Please

Websites Start at $500
  • Template Installation

Recent Work