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It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to the virtual part of your business! Attempting to DIY your way to a successful business can be exhausting! We make sense of all of the “jargon” and get your business set-up right, the first time. Trust me, this is where we wish we started. 

I'll do all the work, you just keep being the genius you are.

All Packages Include


Brand strategy

Conveying who you are as a person, a brand and a business is integral to your overall success. Too many times, businesses give well-intentioned solutions. defining what they do versus why they do it. Trust is built when you start with the why. Then slowly moving your way to who it’s for, how you solve the problem, and finally the problem you solve.  

market research

Where are your ideal customers hanging out? What are they excited about? What are they complaining about? It’s about diving into your ideal customer’s behaviors and motivations and verifying what you are offering, is what they actually want and need. 


Freebie design

You should ALWAYS have a freebie, besides using it in the strategy of your website it’s a great opportunity to reach those who may hesitate to work with you and need to get to know you first! Freebies build email lists, and email lists give you access to the people that buy your products.

Funnel Map

Funnel what? Yeah I know, it’s a phrase we aren’t all familiar with but it is simply a map of your customer’s journey through the different touchpoints. You start with your freebie and move them toward your product or service in an effective way to maximize conversion. This is integral but often forgotten when creating the “big picture” vision.

Design + Development

Conversion copywriting Templates

Copy is hard, so I’ve hired some amazing conversion copywriters to make it effortless for you as you write the content for your website. They explain the things you need to write in an easy-to-follow way, making arguably the hardest part of the whole process for you, straightforward! You get access to 5-figure conversion copywriters without having to empty your bank account in the process.

Custom 1 Page website

You don’t need five pages when are you just starting, it’s just MORE copy you have to write and MORE things to maintain. Plus, you’re dumping all of that SEO gold onto separate pages, so we utilize the 1-page website model to streamline the process. While it’s not truly a 1-page site, it allows your customers to find everything they need to get to know you on one page, acting as a sales page just for your business.  

Google Analytics Set-Up

Most new business owners don’t realize they need to set up google analytics and then find out a year down the road that they haven’t been tracking anything when they need it. Even if you never look at it again at least take the time to set it up so it’s available WHEN you are ready to dive in.  

Training + Maintenance

Training + WEbsite Portal

Everything you could possibly need to maintain and update for your new website from videos to frequently asked questions. to my favorite tools are placed at your fingertips. 

1 Month free maintenance

Can’t figure something out? I’ll hold your hand for 1-month after launch and make sure you are ready to manage your site effortlessly while keeping everything updated and secure. 

Visual Marketing

Promo Graphics

You’ll need to match the style and design from your website and weave it into your social media. You get 10 Canva templates that you can use over and over again by simply tweaking things like color.

Starter Site

Websites start at $3K
$ 3,447
  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Website Design
  • Freebie Design
  • Training + Manual
  • Google Analytics

Advanced Starter

Websites Packages Start at $4K
$ 3,997
  • Everything included in the starter site
  • PLUS
  • 1 Long Form Sales Page
  • Sales Email Templates
  • Paypal or Stripe Integration
  • Thank You Page
  • Waitlist Page + Thank You Page

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